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Get Prince of Persia game download for pc windows 10, 8.1, or 7 with once click from here. This is the first video game franchise of Prince of Persia is a created by Jordan Mechner. This game has been developed and published by several companies. The first two games in the series, Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2: Shadows and Flames were published by Broderbund.

About Prince of Persia

Download Prince of Persia warrior within full version for pc here that was created by Jordan Mechner after Karateka’s success. The protagonist’s character animation has been created using techniques based on several common sources of inspiration, such as the One Thousand and One Nights story and Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Prince of Persia Game for Pc

Called rotoscoping, Mechner uses his brother as a model for the prince. With over 20 platform ports, the original Prince of Persia is one of the most ported games in video gaming history.

Despite the game’s success, Mechner enrolled in New York University’s Film Department to produce an award-winning short film, then returned to design and directed a sequel to the original game.

Like its predecessor, the game was well-received by critics and high sales. Broderbund was later acquired by The Learning Company, which was later acquired by American gaming company Mattel Interactive.

Time series sand

Mechner, who owns the Intellectual Property of Prince of Persia, came to work with Ubisoft for a reboot of the franchise called Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, but originally paid attention after Prince of Persia 3D’s failure.

latest version – Download Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Our goal with the new Prince of Persia was to bring new life to the action-adventure genre. The sand of time has succeeded. Mechner wasn’t involved in the creation of the next game, Warrior Within, and commented on discovering the dark atmosphere and raising the level of violence.

Trilogy Collection

The Prince of Persia Trilogy is a collection of The Sands of Time trilogy released on PlayStation 2 and then as part of the Classics HD family on PlayStation 3. The game has been remastered in high definition for PlayStation 3, supporting 3D and PlayStation Network Trophy on one Blu-ray disc.

In North America, the three games were originally released separately from the PlayStation Store as download-only titles. The Blu-ray version was scheduled for release in North America on March 22, 2011, but the collection was postponed until April 19, 2011.

Spin offs, remakes and mobile games

The first spin-off of the series was developed with The Two Thrones from Nintendo DS and released that same year. Battles of Prince of Persia are a real-time strategy game between The Sands of Time and Warrior Within. It’s got mediocre reviews from critics. The 2006 concept design hinted at another entry into the franchise.

Prince of Persia Game download for pc setup

The Prince of Persia game was unveiled in 2008, and Ubisoft marketed the game with the franchise’s reboot, and the level and combat design reminds me of the original 1989 game. The game was released in December 2008 and has received a positive response.

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  • Faithful to the original
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Three enjoyable game modes


  • Controls can be imprecise

Minimum Requirements Prince of Persia 2020 Game Download

  • Operating System: Window XP | Window 7 | Window 8
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo@1.8 GHz
  • Ram:2096 MB ( 2 GB )
  • Graphic Card / VideoMemory: 256 MB with Nvidia Geforce 8600
  • Hard Disk Space:5 Gb Free

Recommended Requirement

  • Operating System: Window XP | Window 7 | Window 8
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo8 GHz
  • Ram:4 GB
  • Graphic Card / Video Memory:512 MB with Nvidia 8800
  • Hard Disk Space:6 Gb Free

Prince of Persia Game Download full version for pc


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