Google Input Tools 2021 Free Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (64 bit)

Google Input Tools 2020 Free Download for Windows: It is an amazing browser extension that allows you to create virtual keyboard layouts in multiple languages. With support for ninety-plus languages, google input tools filehippo helps you to talk to a wide range of global dialects online. In addition, the google input tools offline installer remembers corrections and stores a customized dictionary to include unusual words, phrases, and names.

Google Input Tools Free Download for Windows 10

Google Input Tools was originally released in limited languages. The growing popularity and purpose of the extension have encouraged developers to add more languages ​​on a regular basis.
Google Input Tools Free Download for Windows 10

Google Input Tools filehippo

The extension is easy to set up and use. Google Input Tools Setup comes with easy navigation and plenty of features compared to similar tools like Google and Dictionary.Net. To type in a specific language, you need to click on the extension’s extension icon in the browser, select the language and start typing.

How to use Google Input Tools

It is an extension designed for Chrome users. It allows you to type 90+ languages ​​with an on-screen keyboard layout. To start using the extension in Chrome, you need to install the Windows version and add languages ​​from the extension options.

Google input tools for windows 10 download

The on-screen keyboard works just like your computer-connected keyboard. In fact, Google Input Tools lets you use a physical keyboard as well. However, since each language has different characters, it is advisable to use a virtual keyboard designed specifically for each language.

Easy to install and use

Supported by the IT giant, Google Input Tools is one of the easiest extensions to use in this category. With a simple interface of google input tools offline installer for windows 10, the tool creates a new icon in your browser interface. When you click on the icon, you will see a drop-down menu, which gives you access to a wide range of features. It also allows you to switch between preferred languages.

Google input tools Download for windows 7

Google Input Tools Download gives you three different methods for typing text. In the first, you can type content with the keyboard. When you use this method, you can see the on-screen keyboard, which displays the layout of the keys in a particular language. You might also interested in Download Adblock For Windows.
The second method of typing text is the same as the first. However, this only applies to certain languages, as it refers to possible phrases and phrases.
The third method is probably the most popular and preferred. In this method, you can type using the pencil tool. This allows you to draw a letter or alphabet in the text field.

How many languages ​​are supported by google input tools for pc?

Google input tools for pc support more than 90 languages ​​and developers are adding to the database on a regular basis. As such, the extension allows you to type in a wide range of languages ​​around the world.
Regardless of your location or device, google input tools setup can be conveniently used without any problems. In case if google input tools not working in windows 10, you should go to the support center for help.

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Pros and Cons of Google input tools


  • Support for multiple languages
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Free to use
  • Integrates well with Chrome


  • Needs a few bug fixes

Download Google input tools for windows 10, 8, 7


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