Adobe Fuse CC 2021 Free Download For Windows 10, 8, 7

Adobe fuse cc free download available here for all windows. Fuse CC is 3D computer graphics software developed by Mixamo. It allows users to create 3D characters. Its major innovation is the capability to import and integrate user-generated content into a character creator. Fuse is part of Mixamo’s product suite and is aimed at video game developers, video game moderators and 3D enthusiasts.

Adobe Fuse CC Free Download For Windows

Fuse is a client-based product that allows users to select and modify character parts, such as body parts, in real time. Users can customize their characters with the clothing and design options provided by the algorithm.

The main novelty of Fuse is that it affects all the features of the pre-loaded content, allowing users to import and automatically integrate their own content into the character creation system. Fuse letters are rigged through the Mixamo online service.

Adobe Fuse CC Free Download For Windows

Create a character by customizing the available presets

There are 4 steps that user can take to make your model: customizing the design, assembling body parts, adding clothing and changing textures. You start by selecting the female or male head and when you make your choice, the Adobe Fuse automatically reaches the torso, legs and arms.

Once you get your basic model, you can start customizing the size and shape of different parts of the body yourself or randomizes all available parameters.

Decorate your model and enhance the default library with custom items

Once the body is ready, you can go to the clothes. Adobe Fuse offers a diverse collection of tops, pants, shoes, hats, goggles, gloves and masks, so you just have to go and choose.

There are also many hairstyles for women and men in the library. All clothing pieces are immediately visible in the preview area with the default color and texture. To edit an item, you need to go to the next step in the “Format” tab.

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More about

Adobe Fuse allows you to save any item in the model as a preset and use it later, be it body type or clothing item. However, it does not allow you to create custom items if you have not downloaded and installed the Content Creator package (check the file menu), which allows you to enhance Fuse’s default library with your own designs of body, clothing pieces and hair styles. Alternatively, you can import clothing, accessories and letters.

Intuitive 3D modeling of characters

Creating a character with Adobe Fuse‌ is very easy, and the results are impressive. Fuse can export textures in very different configurations, which can be imported into other designing applications for further image editing.


In general, the next step is to think about the movement and animation once your character is ready. Adobe Fuse is covered because it uploads your character to Mixamo online auto-rigger. This online animator renders the model, builds the skeleton and creates a motion preview, allowing you to apply control rig scripts and animate your character.

Furthermore, it can create animation-ready layouts that you can use with any other 3D animation app or game engine.


Updated: February 23, 2021 — 11:06 am

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